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How We Operate

We are always open to your ideas. We have a strong and diverse team of craftsmen. If in the site you haven't found any category that would fit what you are looking for, that doesn't mean we don't manufacture it. It might mean that we just didn't think of a category where to put the items your looking for. In this company lifetime we have painted the ceiling of Palace Of Grand Dukes Of Lithuania, manufactured, gilded and hanged wooden carvings on the ceiling, re-created  old times reproductions from photographic data, supplied sitting furniture and auditorium seating with the whole frame which you can disjoin if you need to carry the frame out of the space. We try to keep close connections to designers and manufacture their ideas. For example now we are manufacturing wooden candle holders, toys and other small items. So don't be shy. We are always waiting for new challenges and enquiries.

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